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Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

A lot of others claim they give you analytics, we DELIVER true business analytics and insights weekly to our clients. Prime Sales & Marketing provides you a complete detailed view of your business.

PRIME Insights

PRIME Insights allow you to see day by day details of business. From sales to out of stocks, our insights package gives you a clear picture of your business.

Prime Insights

Prime Insights

Available on Demand


PRIME Data is customized and highly comprehensive category templates and reviews built for our clients and based on retailer views of the categories in which we compete.

Prime Data

Prime Data

Daily or Weekly by customer demand

PRIME Solutions

PRIME Solutions puts the full power of Retail Link at your fingertips. Highly interactive where you create what you want to see and how you want to see it. Powerful and easy to use.

All of our reporting is highly customized for each client. We utilize visual cues to accentuate the story.

Prime Solutions

Prime Solutions

Adhoc as needed


Custom Reports

One report doesn’t fit all, so we customize to your business needs.


Custom Graphs

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Custom Mapping

Color coding based on metrics, custom descriptions.

Mapping by: State, Distribution Center, Sub Division, Region, District, IRI Market, Nielsen Market, McLanes, and Merchandising Zones.

Prime exists to serve our clients.  Large and small businesses have found success at Walmart and Sam’s Club, while taking advantage of our services.

Category Management

Prime Sales & Marketing provides category insights along with the use of Pro Space for our clients. We provide Walmart a Category Captain for their exclusive use.


Prime Sales & Marketing recognizes the importance of market trends and how they relate to many aspects of business. This extensive market information provides us the ability to work closely with the Walmart buyers and their product development teams to validate both current and future market trend direction.